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Use FRESH15 to get 15% off on your first order
Use FRESH15 to get 15% off on your first order

Fresh Organic Medium Firm Tofu 500g

Original price 18.00 AED
Current price 15.00 AED
About The Product

We produce Kinoko fresh premium tofu in Dubai, UAE,
from organic non-GMO soya beans, which are responsibly
grown in Canada. We take great care of how our tofu is
made, and we are proud to say that Kinoko tofu is
entirely preservative-free. We carefully source our soya
beans to make sure our tofu is sustainably produced.

About The Farm

Kinoko Farms

Kinoko Farms is a UAE company, based in Dubai, involved in every link of the mushroom supply chain: from growing, picking, processing and packing through to delivery, distribution and sales of fresh, frozen and dried mushrooms. All our mushrooms are harvested by hand, also packed and dispatched preserving the cold chain and are certified organic.