About Us & How We’re Different


FreshOnTable delivers the freshest local ingredients straight to your doorstep. We believe in buying local, sourcing local and supporting local farms and businesses for the betterment of our community and our environment.

Our local roots are planted here in the U.A.E, allowing for customers and businesses to have direct access to thousands of local farms and artisanal businesses with a click of a button.


The shorter the distance your food needs to travel the fresher your ingredients. With direct access to local farms, we bring you fresh ingredients that are harvested on demand! We skip the cold chain ensuring not only that your food is more nutritious and delicious, but that together we support our local farmers, local economy and Food Security.

Organic, Hormone-Free, Vegan & Gluten Free

Our selection of local products have sustainability in mind, ensuring that we are consciously consuming products that are healthy and suit our dietary needs. With a range of Organic, Hormone-Free, Cage-free, Vegan and Gluten Free products to suit everyone’s well-being.

Sustainable Fish, Poultry, Dairy & Eggs

We only source the freshest local fish, poultry, dairy products and eggs for you to enjoy. We ensure standards are in place so that you can be confident in your choices of Organic, Free- Range & Hormone Free options available for you and your family.

Only the Best

We aim to provide you with as many options to satisfy your needs! From fresh vegetables harvested on demand, perfectly imperfect produce, Fresh never Frozen seafood, artisanal products, pantry essentials and more! We’ve got you covered!

Saving You Time and Money

Say goodbye to long queues, we deliver within 24 hours with flexible time-slots and have multiple subscriptions to choose from! We deliver the freshest local ingredients whilst continuously bringing you the best value in freshness, saving you not only time but dirhams!

Our Environment, Our Future

At FreshOnTable we are passionate about the environment, and do our best to contribute to a greener planet. We pick up your FreshOnTable boxes and any packaging material and ensure they are recycled.


Minimising food waste is key to FreshOnTable. We treat all vegetables equal, even ones that look less than perfect, but still taste delicious, are not wasted. Check out our perfectly Imperfect boxes and join the movement.