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Featured Farms

Emirates Hydroponics

Founded in 2005, Emirates Hydroponics Farm is located in Al Bahia, between Dubai and Abu Dhabi to promote high quality produce that can be grown within the UAE whilst utilizing the modern water saving techniques of European technologies and management. Emirates Hydroponics Farms’ vision is to continue to lead the UAE into modern farming techniques using clean and ethical farming practices to produce fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables. Utilizing the hydroponics method to grow vegetables will allow accurate management of both the water and nutrients required by the plants throughout their growing stage. Emirates Hydroponics use clean practices such as implementing preventive measures by using organic sprays blended with a special mixture of plant extracts to fight off any unwanted insects. 
Some of the produce Emirates Hydroponics grow include vine-ripened hothouse tomatoes, pest-free lettuce and cucumbers, and a myriad of vegetables grown commercially in greenhouses. Growing produce in a greenhouse can be a great way to reduce the need for pesticides, and can make it possible to extend the growing season for our local produce.

Gracia Farms

Gracia Farms is the first Emirates hydroponic farm in the Middle East and the region using NGS system. Through this project, Gracia Farms are aiming to spread the culture of healthy food, the love of planting in order to reach food security and global excellence in agriculture. Gracia Farms started when H. H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (God Bless his soul) gifted the farm to the founder, Hamed Al Hamed, who was Sheikh Zayed’s poet at the time.Al Hamed's love and respect for H. H. Sheikh Zayed drove him to create a way to return this gift to the UAE by implementing a high-tech Spanish hydroponic system at the farm to revolutionize agriculture. Al Hamed also created a union with other farmers, based on the love for UAE and the passion to leave an impact in the agricultural sector. Since then, Gracia Farms has grown into a multi-award-winning farm, most recently wining the Economic Excellence of Sharjah Award for Best Project in the Middle East and Young Model Award by The Arab League.Gracia Farms mainly grow leafy greens such as Hydroponic Lollo Rosso Lettuce, Hydroponic Lollo Bionda Lettuce, Hydroponic Red Oak Leaves Lettuce, Hydroponic Basil and Rocca Leaves. Other vegetables include Green Marrow, Green Capsicum, Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, Eggplants and Palm Dates.

Aranya Farms

Aranya Farms is a family-run business that started in 2018 by growing a selection of organic produce. After over 30 years of being based in the UAE, the founding family wanted to give back to the community by growing wholesome organic and hydroponic seasonal produce. Aranya Farms only use non-GMO seeds to ensure they grow clean plants in the most honest way, just as nature intended using sustainable farming practices, no harmful chemicals and adhere to food safety standards. Aranya Farms specialize in growing flavorsome leafy greens, vegetables, microgreens and herbs to bring enthusiasm to food and creativity to your palette.Aranya Farms currently grow what’s in season. Produce currently growing include Leafy Greens such as Wild Rocket, Arugula, Lollo Bionda, Wonder of Four Seasons Lettuce, Red Salad Lettuce, Swiss Chard and vegetables such as Hyfae Chilies, Shakira Chilies, Large Eggplants, Kohlrabi, French Beans, Bottle Gourd Doodhi, Beetroot, Speckled Green Zucchini, Green Zucchini, Yellow Zucchini, Broccoli, White Cauliflower, Basil Herbs, Flat Leaf Parsley, Dill, White Cabbage, Red Cabbage and Curly Kale.

IGR Organic Farms

Located in Al Ain, Al Rahba and Al Khanwaneej, IGR farms have been harvesting and distributing their own fruit and vegetables for over a decade. Focusing on open-field farming and greenhouse practices, all of their farms are certified organic to guarantee the highest quality produce possible. Accredited for organic production according to UAE and EU regulations, they are certified by the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA), EU standards and the Global G.A.P (Good Agricultural Practice) to give customers complete peace of mind.

Fish Farms

Fish Farm LLC was incorporated in 2013 with the focus on marine fish breeding and hatchery to support the local aquaculture industry, reduce the dependency imported fish and contribute towards preserving the natural balance of the environment using the latest technology in aquaculture made by the AKVA. Headquartered in Dubai, Fish Farm has set up three facilities using renewable energy - a farming facility in Dibba, a hatchery in Umm al-Quwain and an inland farming facility in Jebel Ali. Reaching a production capacity of 2 million kgs. in 2017. Fish farm cultivate organic fish such as Royal Sea Bream, Seabass and also source hammour fillets, fresh shrimp, sea bream fillet and seabass fillets marinated in various herbs and spices. 

Kinoko Farms

Kinoko Farms is the first mushroom farm in Dubai. We bring the freshest artisan tofu and an extensive range of premium quality mushroom varieties to our customers in the MENA region. At our farm, we also produce our own organic and conventional premium tofu products from non-GMO soybeans. We also carry over 30 varieties of cultivated and wild fresh and dried mushrooms and truffle products, which are locally grown on our farm wherever possible or imported from the very best farms in Europe and Asia that we partner with. What's more all our products are externally certified, be it Global Gap, HACCP, ISO22000, or ESMA Organic.
Being the local producer, we pride ourselves in growing premium quality mushrooms, ensuring freshness, reliability, and consistency. To ensure the highest standard, we thoroughly monitor every link of the supply chain from the start of the growing process to the final dispatch. We are determined to concentrate on quality over quantity. We are immensely proud of our fully equipped temperature-controlled facility, where mushrooms are grown according to the highest hygiene standards without any use of pesticides or fertilizers.