Our Story

Our Story

FreshOnTable was founded in 2019 in the U.A.E. The conceptualization of FreshOnTable came about as a solution to the lack of accessibility to farm fresh produce available to consumers and prominent chefs in local markets.

FreshOnTable’s Founder and Managing Partner Atul Chopra proposed a solution for a problem faced by a chef owned restaurant in the neighbourhood of Montmartre in Paris. Managing the hectic daily operations, allowed for the evening to be the only window for the Chef to place orders with suppliers for the next day. The chef is greeted with a voicemail that provides little certainty for the order to be fulfilled.

With an abundance of local farms in and around Paris, FreshOnTable’s Founder and Managing Partner Atul Chopra proposed a mobile application solution that could address the chefs quest to find the freshest produce by directly connecting local farms to local businesses. The platform was showcased at Viva Tech under agis of a leading mobile operator and was commended for its innovation.

FreshOnTable made its way to the U.S where an invitation had been extended by the local senator in PG county in the state of Maryland to showcase how the platform could help local farmers gain accessibility and further reach local households by directly eliminating the middleman and making fresh produce availability more affordable.

Atul Chopra has since led the establishment and growth of FreshOnTable in the U.A.E, where his passion for food, well-being, food security and sustainability have put the importance of local food consumption and accessibility for businesses and households at the forefront of FreshOnTables mission in the UAE.

“Good food does not have to be expensive!” -Atul Chopra

FreshOnTable is privately owned, and investors include Shaikha Shamma Bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan CEO- Alliances for Global Sustainability, Atul Chopra, Jennifer Wes Saran & Thomas Gibian.